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Review Index 1983-1993

Addiction to Love: Overcoming Obsession & Dependency in Relationships by Susan Peabody (reviewer: Reba Be) #77, p. 682

Advances: The Journal for Mind-Body Health by Institute for the Advancement of Health (reviewer: Irene Alleger) #81, p. 159

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Alcoholism ñ The Biochemical Connection by Joan Mathews Larson, PhD in consultation with Keith W. Sehnert, MD. (reviewer: Irene Alleger) #117, p. 267

All VItal Childrenís Lunchboxes & Party Snacks by Rosetta Schuman (reviewer: Beatrice Trum Hunter) #60, p. 317

Allergies and Candida (tapes) by Steven Rochlitz (reviewer: Irene Yaychuk CH, RNC, PhD) #55/56, p. 69

Allergies and Candida: With the 21st Century Solution by Steven Rochlitz, PhDC (reviewer: Irene Yaychuk, Phd) #69, p. 184

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Amazake by John Finnegan and Kathy Cituk (no reviewer) #95, p. 399

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And The Band Played On by Randy Shilts (reviewer: Morton Walker, DPM) #60, p. 290

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The Balanced Body Secret (audio tape) by Nancy Appleton, PhD (reviewer: Irene Alleger) #120, p. 700

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Becoming Midwife by Carolyn Steiger (reviewer: Cathryn Feral) #71, p. 316

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Biological Aging Measurement ­ Clinical Applications by Ward Dean, MD (reviewer: Ronald M. Klatz, DO) #76, p. 608

The Black-Belt Manager by Robert Pater (no reviewer) #82, p. 250

The Body Magnetic by Buryl Payne, PhD (no reviewer) #117, p. 270

Breadtime Stories by Susan Jane Cheney (no reviewer) #93, p. 199

Bypassing Bypass by Elmer Cranton, MD (reviewer: William M. Stephens) #97/98, p. 645

Bypassing Bypass: The New Technique of Chelation Therapy by Elmer M. Cranton, MD and Arline Brecher (reviewer: Jonathan Collin, MD) #25, p. 61

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(reviewer: John Merrill, MD) #21, p. 242

(reviewer: Verne S. Myers) #22, p. 282

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The Cortical Monkey and Healing by Majid Ali, MD (reviewer: Irene Alleger) #96, p. 556

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