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Why are Kids Killing Kids?

This letter comments favorably on, and adds some information to, the letter/article Why Are Kids Killing Kids? The Nutrition-Mind Connection by Dr. Olarsch and S. Stockton, p114 in your August/September issue.

    A little over a year ago, when I thought I was healthy, a friend introduced me to a whole food supplement that has done a great deal to enhance my health. This has led me to a year long study of why the benefits came, some ofwhich dealt with 30 yearold minor personal health problems, like extra weight and chocolate craving.

    This study has led me to find and read the works of Prof. William Albrecht, Dr. Westin Price, along with more modern works by authors like Dr. Michael Colgan, and so on, and communication with various such experts. First, I thoroughly concur with Dr. Olarsch and Ms. Stockton...proper soil remineralization is of utmost importance. This not only involves deeper knowledge thanjust grinding up some rocks and spreading same, but probably some change in national tax policy as well, to encourage more, smaller scale, truly organic farms.

    Readers are directed to the work of a student of Dr. Albrecht, namely Dr. William Peavy, and his book Super Nutrition Gardening. Dr. Peavy gives specific remineralization "how to" information.

    Second, until we have a decent whole food supply system, and individually use it, nutritional supplementation is necessary (according to expert opinion). My studies indicate that condensed organic whole food supplementation is best, in order to keep balance in the human body, and to assure catalytic effect and best assimilation ofnutrients. Only if a proper blood test discloses a special nutritional deficiency should specific other supplementation be added under proper licensed health care practitioner direction.

Robert F. Heltman
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