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Israel Establishes Alternative Cancer Institute

    We are proud to announce the opening of the first and foremost institute in Israel combining conventional and natural medicine, for the treatment of patients with malignant diseases.

    A malignant illness is not a word synonymous with death. Cancer may be treated and even cured with an extensive treatment program integrating conventional and complementary medicine (also known as alternative medicine or "non-conventional medicine"). A patient needs great mental and physical strength to battle cancer and conquer it. The chance for recovery does exist, but it demands a strong will and involvement on the part of the patient, in addition to the devotion and determination of a dedicated medical team.

    For many years, non-conventional medicine was subject to criticism and did not gain the respect or confidence of either physicians or the public. Methods known collectively as "alternative medicine," which embrace non-toxic, holistic or natural approaches, were sometimes promoted by untrained and unqualified practitioners, causing serious damage to patients and to the practice in general.

    MediLife, the interdisciplinary institute for the treatment of malignant diseases, was established at the Herzliya Medical Centers to treat cancer patients, while implementing a novel and modern concept of combining Israel's best practitioners, both in conventional oncology and in complementary medicine. All patients are treated under continuous medical supervision, on a level comparable with the most advanced centers in the world.

    The complex subject of treating cancer patients requires the appropriate professional knowledge as well as sensitivity and cooperation between the "natural" therapist and the patient, the family and the medical staff. Alternative medicine is not aimed at replacing chemical treatment (chemotherapy) and/or radiation. The treatments are complementary, aimed at relieving the suffering of the patient, while personally relating to each individual and his or her strong desire to improve the quality of life.

    Most people turn to natural medicine as an auxiliary or additional channel to conventional treatment. However, one should always remember that the two practices should be integrated and not substituted for one another.

    Natural therapies and non-toxic treatments are a moderating factor, helping to reinforce the body's immune system and to fight off further development of cancerous cells. The treatments have been tested in medical centers in Europe, the United States and other leading international centers, and found to be highly effective and helpful. They constitute an integral part of the treatment system of cancer patients striving to improve their quality of life.

    Cancer patients need a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere to regain mind and body harmony. In addition to natural and well-balanced foods and exercise, patients require the supportive environment that will assist them in coping with the disease. MediLife is an institute that precisely answers these needs. The multi-professional staff of MediLife is comprised of doctors, nurses, dietitians, psychologists, physiotherapists, all experts and skilled in their fields. MediLife is an integral part of HMC  Herzliya Medical Centers, the largest private hospital group in Israel. MediLife's association with the renowned Medical Centers gives the patient and the family a feeling of well-being, in addition to offering various other medical options, including practitioners of the highest level in all medical specialties, operating theaters, hospitalization rooms, diagnostic facilities and laboratories.

A Variety of Treatment Programs:

    A consultation with a leading Israeli oncologist, expert in the various conventional treatments at the MediLife Institute or in HMC's wards. Each case is evaluated to determine an individual treatment program.

A session with an expert physician in natural healing and its practices.

Personally adapted optimal nutrition instructions for body cleansing, immunization strengthening,  metabolic balance, and prevention. 

A detailed psychological evaluation to assess personal and family resources and to instruct the patient in patterns of thinking, feeling, expression and awareness.

Various diagnostic exams including the use of EAV-Vega testing.

Laboratory tests.

Treatments with tablets or injections to strengthen the immune system.

Injections of Vitamin B, C, Thymus, Extracts, Enzymes.

Infusion of vitamin C, other vitamins, minerals & other trace elements.

Ultra short-wave treatment.

Oxygen treatment.

Ozone treatment.

Liver compresses.

Anti-pain treatments  acupuncture, neural therapy.

Personally adapted treatments.

Treatments to be introduced in the near future: Art therapy; Colour therapy; Cancer support groups.

MediLife offers a special option whereby the program can be combined with a stay in The Sharon Hotel on the seaside opposite HMC. Personal payment scheme for each patient. We will gladly cooperate with your clinic. If you have patients from Israel, we will be happy to continue the treatment and help with required follow up.


Prof. H. Brenner
Dr. G. Earon
Dr. Y. Dayan

MediLife Medical Managers
Multi Disciplinary Institute for Treatment of Malignant Diseases
7 Ramat Yam Herzliya-on-Sea 46851

Phone: 972-9-9592501
Fax 972-9-9588546
360-385-0699 (fax)

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