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It's a Junk Food Nation

review by Jule Klotter

Junk Food Nation (CD)
by Robert Crayhon and the Voice of Wellness Players
The Designs for Health Institute, 1750 - 30th Street #319, Boulder, Colorado 80301 USA; 303-415-9097
$15 plus $3 shipping

If you enjoy radio comedy, put your ear to Robert Crayhon's new CD Junk Food Nation. Educator and clinical nutritionist Robert Crayhon has written and directed 19 comedic sketches that revolve around nutrition. Educating with humor, Crayhon makes use of diverse formats including game shows ("The $25,000 Food Pyramid," "The Nutrient Dating Game," and "What's My Dosha?"), advertisements ("Ed's Chips," "Sydney's Margarine," and "Balkan Formula"), soap operas ("As the Free Radical Turns"), sports events ("The Wide World of Immunity"), and interviews. The CD is produced by the Designs for Health Institute. Designs for Health Institute puts on seminars for health professionals on nutrition and natural medicine. Crayhon is the Institute's president.

The pieces are brought to life by the talented Voice of Wellness Players, an ensemble of 15 performers, and sound effects that give a "you-are-there" feeling. Several of the pieces include wonderful impersonations. "Murder by Refined Food" stars Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. "The Wide World of Immunity," a play-by-play of a boxing match between a white blood cell and cold virus, is relayed via the multi-syllabic commentary of a Howard Cosell.

Actors also give personality to various nutrients. "Neurotransmitter Roundtable," a takeoff of TV debate-discussion shows, pairs the neurotransmitters glutamate and GABA, and dopamine and serotonin. Once you hear their diverse, sometimes conflicting, points-of-view you will have new respect for the nervous system that sorts it all out! Some nutrients have the chance to present their story one-on-one in interviews with Crayhon. One of my favorites is Fiber, whose career hit a downturn when white flour, orange juice, and other processed foods became popular. "Twinkie," Fiber confesses, "is the bane of my existence." What can we say? It's a Junk Food Nation.

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