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The Gentle Wind Project: Healing Emotional Wounds

by Mary E. Miller, MSW

There are untold ways in which human beings can incur mental and emotional harm. Losing a loved one, getting divorced, becoming ill, watching someone you love suffer from a painful illness, losing a pet, getting fired or being laid off from a job, being without financial resources are a few that would be familiar to those of us in western societies. Even if you are someone with a very fortunate life, it is unlikely in our world that you would escape mental and emotional hurt. The educational practices in most industrialized societies are very harmful to children all by themselves. One only needs to look at the use of public humiliation to control and "motivate" children and one can know that schools have not been established with the well-being of children in mind.

The Gentle Wind Project is a non-profit world healing organization founded in the early 1980s. The Project has developed a unique healing technology designed to alleviate human suffering by eliminating the emotional hurts of the past. The healing available through the Project is offered free of charge to anyone in the world. The Gentle Wind Project believes that each human being lives inside an energetic or electromagnetic field commonly called the human aura. It is within this field that each person's emotional hurts and wounds are stored. Each time a person is hurt or wounded physically, mentally, or emotionally, this field is damaged. The harm that is incurred affects the way that people behave, think and feel. While psychotherapy can be very useful to people when they need to talk about themselves, no amount of talking or counseling can heal or repair the damage to the energetic structure at its source. The healing instruments of the Gentle Wind Project were designed to heal and repair mental and emotional damage at its source within each person"s energetic structure.

Most people cannot see an energetic structure. However, all of us can observe a person's functioning. Does the person have control over his or her negative behaviors? Are his or her relationships healthy? Are the children in the family receiving good care? Does the person work at a job that is satisfying? Is the person's life as wholesome and stress-free as possible, given the conditions in the world? These are all indicators of how a person is functioning.

The Gentle Wind Project has spent the last 17 years researching and developing the healing instruments, making sure that those who used the instruments obtained consistent, observable, lasting, positive results. As a group of former educators, social workers and engineers, the last thing the Project was interested in doing was producing another unproven, untested new age gadget. For this reason, the Project tested the healing instruments on literally thousands of people representing a wide variety of human conditions. The results were that the vast majority of people who used the healing instruments felt calmer, stronger and more in control of their own lives. Most people felt that they had the resources to solve their problems without getting stuck in old, repetitive behavior patterns. Painful, recurring dreams disappeared. Many people found that they could do new things that once seemed out of reach. In short, the vast majority of people obtained lasting, positive results that could be observed in each person"s improved functioning.

The healing instruments repair and restore each person's etheric or energetic structure, alleviating hurt and harm at its source. Most negative behavior patterns are driven by the damage within this structure. The Project also believes that these damaged areas have a magnetic quality, causing people to attract people and situations with similar kinds of harm. This magnetic attraction accounts for the fact that people often find themselves repeating the same unhealthy patterns in their relationships and job choices. It also accounts for why most people have such a hard time breaking away from negative situations once they are established. You might say people get caught in mutual damage from which they have trouble escaping.

Again, the Project realizes that these ideas are difficult to prove because the energetic or etheric structure is non-physical in its nature and not visible to the naked eye. Human functioning is visible and observable, and was the focus of all the Project's research. The Project did both blind and double blind studies. Participants were asked to report on themselves. Feedback about participants was also gathered from their friends and family members whenever possible. This brief article will not lend itself to all of the details of the extensive research effort that was undertaken. One study might be of particular interest. In 1990, the Project distributed 20 healing instruments to a group of helping professionals and helper types in general. The Instrument Keepers were asked to share the instruments with as many people as possible and to check in with people three months, six months and one year later.

None of the Instrument Keepers were given any description of what the Project expected the healing instruments to do. Each of them did know that the Project was developing a technology to help alleviate some of the suffering but that was the extent of what was said. In every case, the Instrument Keepers reported improvements. Some of the Instrument Keepers were working with people in obvious distress where mental and emotional improvement would be quite obvious.

One Instrument Keeper was a psychotherapist working with abused and battered women, most of whom were still involved with their abusers at the time the healing instrument was introduced. She noted that the vast majority of women with whom she shared the instrument were able to break out of the abusive relationships within three months after using the instrument, a far greater number than those who did not use the instrument and relied solely on counseling. Many of the women stated that they were no longer attracted to the same kinds of men. One year later, most of the women were in relationships with men who liked them. Four years later, the women who could be contacted had not gone back to the old patterns of abuse. Those who were in relationships described their partners as kind and decent people.

A second Instrument Keeper was working in a women's prison. She noticed that the women who used the healing instruments gained control over their negative behaviors very shortly after using the instrument. They were also more inclined to establish a more positive life for themselves within the prison setting, something that was noted by several members of the prison staff who were unaware that the women had used a healing instrument. To date, those women who used the healing instruments were also less likely to return to prison.

A third instrument was introduced to a half-way house for recovering alcoholics and drug users. The house staff kept a daily log of the activities of the house. The log showed that in the average day, there were at least three serious arguments among house members. Some of these arguments led to physical violence. The overall atmosphere was generally described as tense and people were often listed as "on the edge" meaning that they were so tense they were considering leaving and returning to alcohol and drug-taking.

One month after the healing instruments were introduced, the log books showed only three arguments in the full 30-day period, none of which resulted in violence. The house members also stated that they felt less tense and irritable and more able to have control over their addictions. Since house members did not stay longer than six months, we were unable to do long-term tracking. However, over the years we have many reports from recovering alcoholics who say that using the instrument got rid of enough of the inner suffering to make it possible to stop drinking. The healing instruments do not interfere with free will or personal responsibility, so people can still choose to act against themselves. However, most people who have used the healing instruments say they feel like they have a better chance of doing the right things for themselves because they feel so much calmer and stronger.

What is also interesting to note is that from these 20 Instrument Keepers, word of the healing spread around the world. By 1993, requests for the healing instruments were coming in from all over the world. Prior to 1995, The Gentle Wind Project was not involved in the media in any way. No journal or magazine articles had been published. No mailings had been done. People who obtained the healing told others who told others until word of the healing instruments spread around the world.

By 1995, the Project had healing instruments in over 50 countries. Today the instruments are in over 100 countries around the world. We estimate (conservatively) that more than 2,000,000 people have obtained this healing. While we do not know the outcomes for all of those people, we can say that we do not have a single report from anyone saying that they felt hurt or harmed by using the healing instruments.

This is not a perfect healing. Human beings will always be limited by their genetics and by so many of the things that happen to each of us in the process of growing up. But, this healing seems to allow each person to be the best of who and what they are without carrying so many of the hurts and wounds of the past.

This healing cannot prevent people from incurring hurt and harm in the future. Everyone is going to hit a rough patch from time to time, no matter how fortunate a person's life may seem. The research indicates that people who have this healing feel they have the strength to get through their difficult times without being over-taken by stress.

The Healing Instruments

The information about how to construct the healing instruments was given to this Project through telepathic impressions in the form of engineering blueprints. Having said that, the Project again emphasizes that the people involved in this work are not new agers nor are these healing instruments new age gadgets. The Project is a serious scientific effort to relieve some of the mental and emotional suffering of humanity.

The healing instruments come in several different forms. One of the instruments is called the Rod of Light. It is a twelve-inch, clear acrylic Rod with bands of colors on the top and bottom. It contains herbs, cell salts, minerals and precious stones in small amounts. The Rod is held in the hand for five minutes, once in a person's life. The instruments can be used by anyone of any age.

The following are testimonials:

"I am a nurse-midwife. I first used a Gentle Wind instrument many years ago when I sought help after having a stillborn child. I was one of the walking wounded at the time and I felt that I would never recover. The day I held the instrument, my sorrow began to lift. I not only recovered but I am stronger and better than I have ever been. I have my own healing instrument now and I share it with many people, including some families who, like me, lost their young children. I see them recover just as I did. They get stronger and are better able to go on with their lives."

Nancy Duncan, RN, CNM, Union, Maine

"My aunt lost two sons to AIDS. She was crying all the time. She was very depressed. She held my Gentle Wind Instrument and three days later she said; 'I do not know what you did to me but my sorrow is gone.'"

R.T., Brooklyn, New York USA

"My family was a wreck. I have four children and they were fighting all the time. My husband and I were at each other. Everything was out of control. Within a few weeks after holding the Rod of Light, my home was calm. We became a family. I have my own instrument now and I see the same thing happen to other families. People get control over themselves and start treating each other better."

C.C., Albany, New York USA

"Everybody I have shared the instrument with has made positive changes, some of them very dramatic. In my women's support group, many have said they treat their husbands and children better because they feel so much less stressed. I have seen women also leave husbands who hurt and threatened them after years of feeling imprisoned by their marriages."

Pearleen Jackson, PhD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA


In order to raise the funds needed to research and develop the instruments, the people of this Project sold their homes and cars, cashed in their retirement accounts, and sold anything of value. At the time the Project was founded, the commitment was made to make this healing available to anyone in the world seeking this help free of charge. It was also hoped that the Project would be able to distribute the healing instruments free of charge as well. It was hoped that once people felt the positive effects of the healings, they would naturally want to donate to the Project. The Project received thousands of reports stating how much help had been given but very few people sent financial support. In October of 1995, the Project ran out of personal resources and was forced to ask for set donation amounts from those who want to obtain their own healing instruments. The healings are still free of charge.

Again, over two million people have received the benefits of this healing. There are several thousand Instrument Keepers throughout the world. Many are listed in an International Directory and are willing to share their healing instruments with anyone seeking this help. If you would like to obtain this healing or learn more about obtaining a healing instrument, you can contact the Project.


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